KINGDOM SEASON 2: Ending Explained & Full Netflix Season Breakdown

KINGDOM SEASON 2: Ending Explained & Full Netflix Season Breakdown. We break down the latest season of the Netflix Zombie Period Peace.

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Kingdom Season 1 Recap
Ok so quick recap of the first season to get you up to speed.

The King of The Kingdom was on deaths door and a mysterious plague ravaged the land. Eyes soon turned to who would be his successor and initially it seemed like the Crown Prince Chang would be a shoe in.

However, The Queen was also apparently pregnant and due to the Crown Prince being of illegitimate birth her child would become the heir should he be born whilst the king was still alive. The King died and though it seemed like this meant that the Crown Prince would ascend to the throne, the evil Queen and her Father, Senator Cho had other plans.

Using a rare herb known as the resurrection plant the Queen was able to bring the King back from the dead and she planned to keep him this way until she had an heir in place.

As we theorised in our last breakdown of the show, the Queen had had a miscarriage and thus she had been rounding up pregnant women in the palace in the hopes of taking their child. There was a mole with the crown princes group, and to make matters worse, the zombie King had passed the disease on to others and now the undead disease was spreading like wildfire throughout the land.

The Crown Prince saw this first hand and the first season centred around him fighting off the plague that was tearing things apart.

Cho did whatever he could to kill Chang and the first season ended with him sending a legion of the undead to a location where he was making a stand.

Kingdom Season 2 Themes
After some back story to the herb Season 2 picks up almost immediately where the first season ended with the horde storming the Crown Prince’s forces.

I’ve always viewed Kingdom as a class struggle story and that is definitely exemplified here. In the first season many of the rich characters hosted large banquets whilst the poor literally ate one another and here that aesthetic is continued. Food is God and this message of the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few plays heavily into the finale.

Though it wasn’t intentional, in light of recent events, the show is almost metaphorically depicting how people will try to do whatever they can to survive, even if that means stealing all the toilet paper I mean rice…

The Zombies represent people at their base instincts, fighting for whatever they can whilst those in power are cool, calm and calculated, happy to let those that they view as insignificant fight amongst themselves.

There are several examples of this in the six-episode run and ultimately the show states that on the whole though humans tend to be self-centred, we are strongest when we work together.

Though the intro is laced with subtext it’s also just amazing to watch and it’s probably one of the best openings to a season well…ever.

kingdom season 2 ending explained netflix

Kingdom Season 2 Plot Recap
Overwhelmed the forces retreat and we discover that not only is the Princes trusted advisor Mu, the mole, but that the disease had also been used in the past as part of biological warfare.

We realise later in the season that the sick and elderly were transformed into the undead through the plant and used to fend off the Japanese forces three years prior.

Once more this shows how the higher ups have little regard for the frail and the show is eerily similar to current events and rules that have been put in place when caring for those that the government view as offering little to society.

The Prince realises that he must end the disease in the land no matter what and with a skeleton crew he heads out after Cho. He sees first hand the desperation…

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  • Let me know your thoughts on the season and what you think was up with the mysterious character at the end. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel

    Heavy Spoilers March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • whoaaaaa!

    russell dacumos March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • The new assistant of the king, that guy wearing blue and watching the young king as he slept, is the same guy that survived the plague virus outbreak at the palace by hiding in the outhouse/bathroom. He literally hid in the shit until it was over.

    Julie Vo March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • Very lucky child to be an instant king in honor if his beloved trusted bodyguard
    And one thing also guys if he was the king he should always stay in the kingdom and could not roam around.
    So thats his way in order for him to discover more about the RESURRECTION PLANT(corona virus) to where it came from or originated from as u have seen at the last scene on the movie and guess what, it came from CHINA.
    Crown prince chan was an adventurous type of guy, who likes to travel anywhere and it so perfect that he always roaming around from one place to another and imagine he always putting himself on the line in front of the dangerous battlefield of zombies and a very brave and corageous one who is not afraid of everything..Thats the typical leader should be in every country who has a heart to the people around him will do anything to protect them. …

    mikz uzumaki March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • Netflix takes too damn long to bring back series people liked .
    When they get rave reviews they ruin their series’s by adding a lot of moral & social non wants to their shows .
    48hour records ™️

    kiam- 48hour records March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • And the zombies continue. The zombies scenes were getting too too long, more like fillers in season 2

    harunotodoroki March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • I thought the ending of the mysterious lady was the queen. 7 years pass and she could had survive from the water. She maybe hid herself for 7 years and try to plan to build a zombie army because she wants revenge for her throne be taken. (Theory)

    David Pham March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • “Stealing toilet paper I mean rice” lmao!

    Jan March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • toilet pap- i mean rice

    jintovj onyh March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • Is the guy at 11:20 Jet Li ?

    Μαυρος Λυκος March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • I thought the girl from the last scene was the queen who was revived somehow seeking revenge

    Jlin0012 March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • I know I shouldn't compare but this show is the show that gave off GOT elements, not The Witcher. I love it

    Milla Suini March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • Fantastic second series

    knuckalar March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • i screamed so hard when they all got bitten lol

    Jerome Valeska March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • FYI
    Lee,hang: Yee-cha-ng
    Seobi: Suh-bee

    뀰뀰뀰 March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • If only they installed Bidet they wouldn't need to fight for Toilet paper! 😀

    antonv003 March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • If only we have Seo-bi right now to cure this Coronavirus.😣

    Weed Wilson March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • This was great but the ending actually reveals that the mystery character was already in the show since episode 3 in season 1 when seo-bi finds the plant in the frozen valley mountains and sees that someone else has been there who had also used bells to track the zombies, had shackles around human limbs (might’ve spelled that wrong), and only kept a certain amount of zombies nearby in a controlled environment. If you’re reading this go back to that episode and it will blow your mind how well the writers have written all of the characters stories to do that they can all meet one day from so many different reasons!

    emaney wilson March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • This is the best movie ive ever watched

    priella Kyuttt March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply
  • It's quite irritating the way he tell seo-bi name. Seya – bi – ey?

    Johnedel Doctor March 26, 2020 2:05 pm Reply

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