Review: Anmor High Quality 7 PCS Makeup Brush Set | Makeup Brushes Goat Hair|Anmor Beauty aliexpress

Review: Anmor High Quality 7 PCS Makeup Brush Set | Anmor Professional Makeup Brushes Goat Hair | Review bộ cọ trang điểm lông dê Anmor

Get the Anmor Goat Hair Brush set in this link:

A must-have kit for all makeup artists

I was really hype about the Goat Hair Brush Set so Anmor sent me one. The Goat Hair is a material which is used to make brushes for centuries. However, the synthetic brushes are cheaper and more convenient. I made a video to let let you see the whole brush set. What do you think? Comment below to give your opinion!

Product Description

Brush material: Goat and pony hair
Ferrule material: Aluminum
Handle material: Wood
Colors: All black or silver black
Brushes in the set:

Tapered face brush
A fluffy, tapered brush with extremely soft hair for an airy application of powder products to the high planes of the face.
Total length: 17 cm
Brush length: 3.5 cm

Tapered eyeshadow blending brush
A long bristle brush with a tapered tip, used to soften edges for dramatic lines or blending.
Total length: 18.2 cm
Brush length: 2 cm

Blending brush
A soft, thin, rounded brush for color blending and subtle shadowing.
Total length: 17.5 cm
Brush length: 1.8 cm

Eyeshadow brush
An essential, soft brush for powder shadows and fine, transparent blending.
Total length: 18.1 cm
Brush length: 1.6 cm

Pencil brush
A soft, tapered tip for smudging eye liner or creating soft, eye shadow definition.
Total length: 16.8 cm
Brush length: 0.7 cm

Lip brush
A sharp, flat brush for fine lip, extreme precision lines on lips and brows.
Total length: 16.3 cm
Brush length: 0.4 cm

Eye-shading brush
A flat and tapered brush for precise eyelid and lash lines.
Total length: 16.5 cm
Brush length: 0.5 cm


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