Vietnamese coffee | How to make CO.RO.NA coffee | SALT coffee | Cách làm cà phê MUỐI

CO.RO.NA coffee = COndensed milk + RObusta coffee + NAcl (salt)

Was born and grew up in the coffee land of Vietnam, worked on coffee farm during my childhood, chewing coffee beans and leaves made the love towards coffee grow in me.

As you know, Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world after Brazil. And many types of coffee in Vietnam has become specialties. In this series of videos, I am delighted to show how to make special Vietnamese coffee. Specially, all the coffee I use in this series is from my family’s coffee plantation.

Today, I am gonna show you how to make SALT coffee. You might think that’s wierd, but actually SALT coffee is an interesting flavor combination between bitter of coffee, saltiness of salt, sweet and greasy of condensed milk. Enjoy!

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